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No one can be an expert in all languages, and sometimes you need to translate work into your preferred language. Good communication is very much needed while dealing with a global client. LOCALIZATION LOUNGE is here to offer you high-quality translation services to resolve your language problem. We have a team of experts who have experience and professional knowledge in their field.

The professional translators at our company understand the requirements of clients thoroughly and ensure the delivery of the right solution. We stand on a unique path as compared to other translator companies because of our expert knowledge, professionalism, strong commitment to work and timely delivery. Time is a very important factor as work submitted late is equal to no submission. LOCALIZATION LOUNGE offers you expert quality services on time and at an affordable price. We even split the work if you need work in a short time, but maintain the quality at the same time.

Our translation service levels consist of the following categories:

Innovative translation

Quality translation is of utmost importance in order to hold on to the reader’s attention. We have a team of creative and innovative translators who understand that the content translated must be as per the needs of the target reader to ensure proper communication. The culture, style, and tone of target reader may be different from us. We ensure that the translation of the work fully adapts to the target reader. But it will not change the intention of the message either.

Localization needs

We aim at fulfilling localization needs by providing translated content that appeals the most to the targeted reader. If you want to get the matter translated for the purpose of branding, marketing, advertising campaigns or legal matters, we deliver the content that is appealable to the local market and works best if used professionally

Website translation

We are experts in translating website content in a manner that it is adaptive to local market both from the linguistic and cultural point of view. It is very important that reader should interpret your message correctly. That is why we never lower down the quality of the content while translating. We provide excellent SEO translation.

Literal translation

It includes direct translation without adding any additional style to the source text. Such type of translation is done in the cases of internal documents, FAQs, Wikis and other knowledge base contents. We are very quick in doing literal translation as we have employed professional natives who have expert knowledge of their work.

Gist translation

The aim here is to make the reader understand the gist of the message. No need to translate the content exactly it is given. We do the translation that enables the reader to take an informative decision. Such translation is useful for reading your online reviews, emails, and other internal communications.

Technical translation

 You want to translate your User guides or manuals; we will translate into multiple languages with perfect layouts.  We are proficient in translating every technical terminology as we possess expert technical translators.

Having knowledge of 75+ languages, our linguist experts can offer you professional services in the best possible manner. The professionals have 100% specialization in all fields of arts, science, IT etc. which is the reason that our translation services are of high quality. LOCALIZATION LOUNGE employs native translators for offering the best services to the clients.

LOCALIZATION LOUNGE is available all round the clock and works to satisfy the needs of the clients. We can also offer you customised services according to your needs. Our translators go through documents properly and then translate the content. We always make it a point to proofread in order to ensure standard and quality translation services.

Our goal is to provide faster and expert quality translation services that serve their purpose. We have something unique that has been known by those who trust us completely. Service provided is no use of it is not serving your purpose. We know how to play with words and optimize them efficiently. We meet your translation needs by providing quick, accurate, secure and 24 hours support services.


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